Who am I?


I’m Laura, I am pretty new to this so forgive me if it seems a bit through other.
I am a lifestyle blogger, well trying to be. I want to write about my past challenges and how I survived them, and how I have been dealing with any current challenges or successes, I want to share almost everything I have accomplished and failed at and how.

“Just here to tell my honest story.”

I really enjoy makeup and would consider myself reasonably good at it but don’t ask how to do it on anyone else’s faces, we will leave that to the professionals.
I love fashion but I don’t have the confidence to wear what I want, I would be a little plus sized and honestly, know how to dress my shape so I’ll not give you advice there but I will definitely talk about what I like about what other people are wearing.
My husband and I have purchased our first home and I have become obsessed with interior design, I want my house to be Pinterest worthy! It is not there quite yet but here’s hoping one day it will be.

Our first home!

One would say I should appeal to ladies in their 20s but I’m not going to stop anyone reading. I would consider myself mature beyond my years but I guarantee you many won’t agree!

I have done a lot in my quarter century of being on this beautiful planet.
I completed school with GCSE’s and A-Levels as most do these days, I completed a degree in International Hospitality Management and came out hating hospitality, not for the industry, it is but for the antisocial hours it requires, some people are made for it but I am not one of those people.

I lived and worked in South Florida for a year working in a Country Club, away from all my friends and family and working harder than I had ever worked before, but I’ll tell you more about that later.
Shortly after Uni, my boyfriend at the time, who lived in London for work, proposed, I said yes and our wedding planning began!

Our Wedding Day!

And that brings us up to now! A newlywed with a new outlook on life!
I want to be honest! Life is not easy and although social media makes it seem so, we all know how crap it can be!
Through my blog posts, I want to include a few survival guides, possibly some downloadable content such as checklists and spreadsheets. My husband is the money man for us and although I budget for myself we can tap into some of his spreadsheets that can help you spread your money a little further!

After all that info about me here is a little more…
-Born in 1992
-Met my husband in 2008
-Engaged in 2015
-Graduated in 2015
-Homeowner at 24 (2016)
-Married at 25 (2017)

Interests that I may bore you about…
-Northern Ireland
-Food and restaurants
-Movies and Theatre
-Netflix & NowTV
-House & Home
-Cystic Fibrosis

If you are interested in reading more of the nonsense I write, I invite you along on this random journey of self-discovery.


Love Laura..x


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