I have disappointed myself…

Where have I been?

When I started my blog I had every intention to put out a post every week thinking that would be an achievable target for me. Well, I haven’t quite lived up to that and to say I am disappointed in myself is an understatement. I am currently unemployed so I have no excuse to not having any time to do this but it is much harder than it looks. Recently I have been struggling a little more with anxiety and depression and I just don’t want to sit down at a computer and be optimistic and positive, I often try and reflect on the good times and that is what I want to write about. I don’t want to sit here and say I have had a sh*t week and I have done nothing productive with my time. No one wants to read what I have done this week when my biggest accomplishment was finishing a season of Gilmore Girls, but I guess sometimes that is just the reality! And it’s a reality everyone has or will experience at some point in their life.

Disappointing myself like this is the reason I didn’t set any New Years resolutions. Every day is an accomplishment. But on that note, I want to try and set a loose schedule for myself, to try and keep myself motivated and productive. So, I am going to try again at uploading a post every week even if it is a silly tag post, that means I can have a few tags on back up to upload if I am lacking the inspiration to actually write something new.

On the next few blog posts, I want to finish up on the wedding posts, as I guess it is getting a little old when we have now been married 7 months *OMG* we can reflect on our first year come August!

Ok, this is a very short post but I thought it might be worth explaining where I have been, let’s hope you stick around to read any future posts, the next one will be where we actually went on our honeymoon, I know this has been the longest cliffhanger ever! But we will wrap this up ASAP I promise I will sit down right now and write the next post!


Thanks for hanging around when I took this little break!


Laura xo


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